MagnaSoft SilQ

MagnaSoft SilQ

Magnasoft Sil-Q textile enhancer can deliver a luxuriously soft and flexible hand feel to most types of cellulosic, regenerated cellulosic, and cellulosic blends of fabric and garments.

The globalization of the textile markets has had significant repercussions on the industry, not the least of which is the ever-increasing number of new lines launched annually by retailers. It has affected textile mills and dye houses as much as anyone else. As a result, they seek multifunctional products and develop forgiving processes to reduce costs and market fabrics with a long-term appeal to consumers. Textile enhancer Magnasoft SilQ was developed and patented by Momentive Performance Materials’ laboratories in response to such market needs.

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer is part of our prestigious line of textile enhancers, which includes such world-known grades as Magnasoft SRS and Magnasoft DerMa NT.

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer is a linear, non-reactive, high molecular weight quaternary amino silicone polymer with various components carefully engineered to meet strict requirements.

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer can deliver a luxuriously soft and flexible hand feel to most types of cellulosic, regenerated cellulosic, and cellulosic blends of fabrics and garments.

It is typically further enhanced by a deep, voluminous, and smooth softness that is not usually associated with silicone materials. Fabrics treated with Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer typically are hydrophilic and retain hydrophilicity even after high temperature dry/cure conditions as well as on aging of the fabric.

Though the Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer is easily dispersible in water in the presence of certain emulsifiers, its affinity for the fiber surface is such that it largely remains on the fabric even after repeated home laundry cycles.

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer emulsions have exhibited outstanding shear stability and low yellowing at extremes of pH and temperature in tests conducted in our laboratories. As a result, Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer may be applied onto fabrics using most types of finishing equipment, including high-speed padding, kiss rolls, exhaustion, jet finishing, and others.

performance requirements.

Typical Physical Properties

Property Unit Value
Appearance - Light yellow liquid
Flash Point °C > 100
Viscosity at 25°C CSt 15,000
Density at 25°C gr/cm-3 0.980



  • Slippery, voluminous, and in-depth softness on virtually all types of fabrics as opposed to a greasy hand feel.
  • Due to excellent exhaustibility and affinity with fibers exhibit a unique and unusually powerful softness effect at low use levels.
  • Quickly absorbs water and perspiration; minimal impact on the hydrophilic nature of cotton and cotton blends.
  • Fabrics and garments treated with Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer remain hydrophilic on aging.
  • Provides stretch recovery with a bouncy and drapable effect, particularly on knits.
  • Almost self-emulsifiable can generate emulsions that possess high shear and pH stability (acid & alkaline).
  • Exhibits durable softness to home laundry washes, particularly on cellulose-based fabrics.
  • Causes virtually no yellowing of white and light shade fabrics.
  • Typically, does not affect the shade of dark color fabrics.

Potential Applications:

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer is a textile softener that can deliver a rich-range of advantages to virtually all types of knit and woven fabrics. Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer can be particularly effective on cotton knits and woven fabrics where it provides slippery, voluminous, and pliable hand-feel as well as quick water/perspiration absorption in addition to typical silicone softener effects.

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer is generally applied as a water emulsion. Because of its polar nature, Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer is easily dispersed in water using emulsifiers in simple mixing devices and containers widely available throughout the industry. No homogenization or colloid milling is typically needed to emulsify Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer. Table 1 shows a typical guide formulation and procedure to prepare a 20% silicone emulsion Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer. If such emulsions are intended to be stored for extended periods, it is recommended that a biocide be added to retain sterility.

Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer emulsions possess extraordinary shear stability in a wide pH range (3~12), at high temperatures, and in the presence of salts in tests conducted in our laboratories. Therefore, Magnasoft SilQ textile enhancer may be applied under demanding conditions such as high-speed continuous pad-bath finishing, jet finishing, foam and spraying finishing, and processes typically designed for mass textile finishing, potentially resulting in considerable cost savings to the textile mills.