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As a growing chemical supplier, we provide customers with the specialist and broadest choice of chemical resources to help them produce more, improve more and lead better businesses. We offer:

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We are a chemical sourcing company and an official vendor for most petrochemical companies to supply various chemicals. We supply our valued clients in a variety of following industries.

Paint Coating & Resin

Printing Ink



Oil & Gas



Flavour & Fragrances

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BosTech Polymer is a chemical supplier that offers an extensive range of chemicals. We deliver shipments promptly and on schedule, and safety is always prioritized. Our morals include acting with integrity, treating others fairly, and staying loyal to our customer base.

We use tools like science and innovation to meet the chemical industry`'`s current and potential societal demands. Our considerable experience in chemical industries stands behind our flawless service throughout the UAE. Whether you are a buyer or distributor, BosTech Polymers provides personalized attention and expertise.

Our customers want the best, and we make it happen!

BosTech Polymer Chemical Supplier

Chemicals Supplier in UAE

Elevate your chemical sourcing experience with BosTech Polymer, a top-notch chemical suppliers and distributor in UAE and worldwide, with the uniqueness of multiple chemicals. Your search for superior quality ends here, where innovation meets assurance. At BosTech Polymer, we redefine excellence, ensuring your chemical needs are met with a blend of creativity and steadfast dependability. Choose us for superior chemical solutions, combining cutting-edge innovation and persistent reliability.

Empowering Industries with Superior Chemicals

Lets step ahead in chemical world with BosTech Polymer, the best industrial chemicals supplier in UAE. We smoothly combine the precision of science with the artistry of creativity to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the chemical industry. As a premier chemical traders with considerable experience in the field, our flawless service extends throughout the UAE, providing personalized attention and expertise for buyers and distributors. Our main category in chemicals are silicone softener for textile, epoxy resin, surfactants and much more.

Bostech #1 Chemicals Supplier & Distributor in Dubai UAE

We are a growing company specializing in chemicals products and industrial supply trading across the Middle East. In our role as chemical suppliers, safety and punctuality are not just priorities; they are the cornerstones upon which our commitment stands. Every transaction is a personalized masterpiece, a testament to our uncompromising commitment to both buyers and distributors. We are a chemical supplier and distributor in UAE, especially Sharjah, Dubai, etc. We ensure that each element we provide reflects not just our commitment but sets a unique mark of excellence.